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Events in Milan and surroundings: detail

From September 13 2017 to January 07 2018


MUDEC Museum: exhibition about Ancient Egypt from September 2017

Egypt. The extraordinary discovery of the Pharaoh Amenhotep II "is the evocative title of the exhibition in cinemas of  MUDEC-Museum of Cultures  in Milan  from September 13th 2017 to January 7, 2018 .

The Golden Age Ancient Egypt to MUDEC

The Golden Age of ' Ancient Egypt  during the second millennium BC with the historical figure of Pharaoh  Amenhotep II  is proposed to the visitor  in a traditional key  and  media key : through  artifacts  from the world's major Egyptian collections (such as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo , National Archaeological Museum of Florence, to stay in the city,  the Museum of the Castello Sforzesco  that, in the period autumn-winter 2017, will close temporarily for renovations and will lend some findings in this exhibition) enriched with immersive experiences thanks to the apparatus installed in the media salt.

The undisputed star of the autumn exhibition season, and in line with the summer proposal  "Klimt Experience"  in the use of advanced technologies, aimed at the visitor's involvement in history and atmosphere of the time, the exhibition has a dual purpose. The exhibition aims to tell the audience a double discovery: that of the pharaoh Amenhotep II and that of the  great discovery of the tomb  of the same monarch  in the  Valley of the Kings , with a broad overview on the  daily life  and funerary beliefs of the ancient civilization of the Nile .